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Times are Still Hard. Smart-Weddings are An Affordable Alternative to Traditional Expensive Wedding Ceremonies!

Posted on December 25, 2011 at 6:29 PM Comments comments ()
Todays economic troubles have only increased the necessity for an affordable alternative to Super Expensive Weddings that put newly wed couples in debt. That is what a Smart-Wedding at A Perfect Wedding Chapel provides. Feature rich amenities and all the highlights of a traditional wedding gives you the  Enjoyable Real Wedding Experience without all the stress and costs.
From your walk down the aisle in your wedding dress to start the ceremony, to the cutting of the cake and tossing of the bouquet, A Perfect Wedding Chapel Smart- Wedding is the cost-conscious solution that you need.
Here are some suggestions:
1.Beautiful wedding dresses and formal wear can now be rented instead of purchased. They don't have to be the "Say Yes to The Dress" Dress. Something nice, comfortable and affordable will do fine. Plus you will only wear it once, and to try and save it for your daughter usually does not work out.
2.Taking your guests to a nice dinner after your wedding is an accepted way to say "thanks for coming".
3.Your immediate Families and a few close friends are usually enough "Guests" for A Perfect Chapel Smart-Wedding.
There are other ways to save and still have a memorable wedding. Can you make some more suggestions that can help a bride and groom save on their wedding expenses? List them here on this blog.

Why Choose A Wedding Chapel Wedding?

Posted on December 24, 2011 at 7:12 PM Comments comments ()
The Wedding Chapel experience is not new. Many famous people who could easily afford large expensive weddings chose the intimate privacy of a Wedding Chapel somewhere in America.This includes famous athletes like Michael Jordan, entertainers like Britney Spears and many others.
Most of our  customers at A Perfect Wedding Chapel of Georgia, are those who want  a Private, Intimate Wedding witnessed by their  Family and Friends.
A wise man once said  "A Wedding is just 1 day for family and friends. A Marriage is a lifetime for 2 people". Which is most important, how much the Wedding costs or the Marriage?
Another wise man said "Don't put your Wedding Basket too high that your Arms can't reach it"
"Your future life together is going to cost money.Get off to a good start at  A  Perfect Wedding Chapel of Georgia. Call (404) 222-0722